Around three years ago I awaited (as I do every month) the delivery of my Nacelle (The national magazine of the Triumph Owners Motorcycle Club). As I had anticipated it slipped though my letter box and the cover to cover read began. When reading my copy of Nacelle, I use the tried and tested flick-spot-cover to cover system which I am sure you are all familiar with. I flick through getting a general idea of the new issue identifying items of keenest interest. I then read those items of keenest interest. The third and final stage involves returning to the cover and reading through the latest issue page by page, this can take several days.

Triumph Trident
From its launch in 1968 the Triumph Trident had a continuous battle with invaders from foreign shores. (Triumph Trident, Amberley Publishing)

With this particular issue I was conducting this final stage when I came across a small item from Amberley Publishing seeking 'Triumph Authors', I responded promptly. I felt confident of my abilities as I had many articles and photographs published in the motorcycle press and several photographs covered by national newspapers. I suppose the best description would be I was a casual photojournalist. After a little discussion we agreed I would write a book about the original Triumph Triples. I was no expert but had long since had an affection for the triples but had limited knowledge. My 'thing' was and is research, so I approached the project from the standpoint of someone who knew little about the triples and writing for those who were in the same boat. I therefore aimed to record those little snippets of information that would engender an interest in the triples after 50 years of production. Of course, I was always in the position of not knowing what I didn't know.

Triumph Trident
The book contains original drawings of design options presented to BSA by Ogle Design. (Triumph Trident, Amberley Publishing)

As I conducted more and more research it became clear that the story of the triples was directly linked to the success of the triples on the race circuits around the world and at the Isle of Man TT in particular.

Triumph Trident T150 – “The Best Production Racer Ever”. (Triumph Trident, Amberley Publishing)

In this thoroughly researched and comprehensive book, the reader is taken through the full range of triple models, including the BSA Rocket 3, the Trident and the A75 Hurricane, as well as the technical changes that took place and the range of specials and one-offs, all viewed with a layman's eyes.

Success on the tracks around the world massively improved sales at home and in the USA. (Triumph Trident, Amberley Publishing)

As this book reveals, the Triumph Trident T150 was a milestone in British and world motorcycle design that also achieved huge success on the racing track. As it reaches the 50th anniversary of its launch, the Triumph Trident T150 is appreciated more today by motorcycle enthusiasts than it was in its production heyday.

Triumph Trident
The triples evolved into many and varied designs most pleasing on the eye and effective on the road. (Triumph Trident, Amberley Publishing)

The response to my book has been very good from all quarters owners and racers have sent me positive messages about my creation. Most pleasing of all has been the feedback from non-riders and motorcyclists alike. Without exception readers have said 'I didn't know that' about some item of information sheltering in the pages of the book. After all that was exactly what I was looking for from my readers.

Sales have gone well, and it is really satisfying to see my book on sale in bookshops and at show bookstalls. My most pleasing moments have come from requests for signed copies, in particular for gifts for partners. I felt a most pleasant warming glow realising that people would be opening a present that contained Triumph Trident - The Best Production Racer Ever.

Roy Maddox's book Triumph Trident is available for purchase now.