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Richard III’s reburial is almost here. The last Plantagenet king will be interred in Leicester Cathedral on Thursday 26 March, and the service will be broadcast live on Channel 4. It will be the first ceremonial burial of a British monarch since 1952.

Watch the dramatic trailer from link below:

King Richard III: The Reburial | Begins Sunday, 5.10pm | Channel 4 - YouTube.

The mortal remains of Richard III will be received into the care of Leicester Cathedral on the evening of 22 March, will lie in repose for 3 days and will be reburied on the morning of Thursday 26 March. The following days, Friday 27 and Saturday 28 March, will mark the end of the journey with the reveal of the tomb and a service to mark the completion of the reinterment.

The University of Leicester is organising a week of free events to celebrate the reinterment. Hear from the experts who made the historical discoveries, experiment with DNA extraction, meet a 14th century friar, examine real skeletal remains, sample a medieval banquet and much more: http://www2.le.ac.uk/institution/kr3events

As part of these events David Baldwin will discuss ‘Leicester’s Lost King’, featuring an analysis of King Richard's reign and character. Baldwin is the historian who first identified the likely location of the grave. His 1986 paper for Leicester Archaeological and Historical Society (which can be found here) was the first serious suggestion that the King’s remains could still lie undisturbed beneath the Greyfriars car park. A former University of Leicester lecturer, he is the author of several books including the bestselling biography Richard III.

A new edition of Richard III, updated with information on the reinterment will be available from 1 April 2015.

This Saturday 21 March also sees the first of a series of programmes commemorating Richard’s life, death and discovery. A new Channel 4 drama-documentary made for the event, Richard III: The Princes in the Tower, will be broadcast at 9pm: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/richard-iii-the-princes-in-the-tower

Then on Sunday 22 March, the king’s remains will be processed through Leicestershire parading through the towns and villages Richard visited when he was alive. The King in the Car Park, on Channel 4 at 5.10pm, will show Richard III’s remains arriving at Leicester Cathedral with experts discussing his place in history: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/richard-iii-the-reburial 

Then on Thursday, in a show hosted by Jon Snow, the reinterment will be broadcast live at 10am with a second show in the evening (8pm) replaying highlights from the day.

Remember the life and death of the only monarch of England without a marked grave. Be a witness to history and tune in!

Relive the excitement of the investigating team who found Richard III's skeleton under a Leicester car park in this fascinating programme:

Discovering Richard III, the King in the car park: http://www.channel4.com/programmes/richard-iii-the-king-in-the-car-park/