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Blighty's Railways




The Second World War in Colour

Publication Date15th July 2014

Book FormatPaperback





Lightning war - the invasions of Poland, France and the Low Countries and Norway - in colour.
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Colour photography was a rare thing in the 1930s. Various systems of colour photography had been tried, including Dufaycolour and Kodachrome but the processes were time consuming and difficult to process. The Germans had developed Agfacolor, which was state of the art for the time and easily processed with basic chemicals and equipment in rudimentary darkrooms close to the front. Sending propaganda units with the troops, and war correspondents armed with colour film and Leica cameras, the photographs captured the horror of war in colour for the first time. Here, over 70 colour and 70 black and white images tell the story of the Blitzkrieg as it happened, with immediacy that only action shots can portray.

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