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Aveling & Porter: An Illustrated History

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Author: James Preston

Thomas Aveling, a farmer and self-taught engineer, became the ‘father of the traction engine’. This resulted from efforts to improve agricultural machinery. After success with steam ploughing, his conversion of the portable steam engine, making it self-propelling, produced the first commercially successful traction engine. Establishing a factory in Strood, Kent in 1861, Aveling’s need for finance lead to a partnership with Richard Porter in 1862. This was an ideal relationship that freed Aveling to concentrate on the engineering aspects of the firm. Aveling’s innovations included numerous patents covering improvements to engine layout, to steering and to geared drive. The product that brought the firm international recognition was the steam road roller marketed in 1867. As the world’s most prolific manufacturer, Aveling & Porter became synonymous with the road roller.

Profitable as a firm until the failure of the Agricultural and General Engineers combine, the firm was to be resurrected as Aveling Barford at Grantham in 1934.

Book ISBN 9781445688824

Book Format Paperback

pages 96 pages

Publication Date 15 Nov 2019

Height 234

Width 165

Illustrations 150


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