No More Soldiering

No More Soldiering

The Count of Scotland Yard

The Controversial Life and Cases of DCS Herbert Hannam

Publication Date15th September 2018

Book FormatPaperback





Stephen Wade tells the story of one of Scotland Yard's most notorious detectives. In the first ever biography and case book of Herbert Hannam, Wade reveals how Hannam found fame for his solving of the infamous Teddington Towpath Murders, before later facing criticism during the controversial landmark trial of John Bodkins Adams.
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Bert Hannam was a dapper, charismatic figure in the Scotland Yard of the post-war years. As a young sergeant he made his name in London, and soon became a presence in the world of criminal investigation. When the most dramatic and sensational murders of the mid-fifties came along, he was in the thick of the action, being involved in a variety of controversial trials and enquiries. Hannam also went out as troubleshooter to the shires as well, being involved in the tragic and unsolved murder of Emily Pye, one of a host of horrific ‘corner shop murders’ of the time.

Stephen Wade provides a biography and case book of one of the most compelling lives caught up in the criminal justice system at a time when war and its aftermath turned society inside-out.

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