Haunted London

Haunted London

Irish Ghosts

Irish Ghosts

Haunted Wales

Series: Haunted

Publication Date15th February 2010

Book FormatPaperback





A fascinating collection of Welsh ghost stories from an expert on the paranormal
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A fascinating collection of ghost stories from all over Wales brought together by Peter Underwood, an acknowledged expert on the paranormal. This book covers not only more well-known hauntings but also some more recent, and highly surprising, sightings. In his wide and varied experience Peter has handled objects which were alleged to have been moved by paranormal means and heard a recording of reportedly paranormal music. Rather more significantly he has met and talked with many, many people who have either seen or heard or even felt a ghostly presence. Welsh folklore and daily life have long been visited by occult phenomenon. Told in chilling detail these stories will delight paranormal enthusiasts of all ages.

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