Swindon Works 1930-1960

Swindon Works 1930-1960

In & Around Swindon Works

Publication Date15th May 2012

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A new study looking at the Swindon works in the transition period between the GWR and BR (Western) ownership.
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In and Around Swindon Works covers further aspects of the famous manufacturing centre of the Great Western Railway during its heyday of 1930 to 1960. This is the second half of a detailed work begun with the book Working at Swindon Works 1930 - 1960. In piecemeal form, much has been written about Swindon Works but many aspects of it have remained, until now, neglected. From ex-employees, both male and female, and printed material such as surviving GWR circulars and internal documents, the author has compiled a comprehensive study. Manufacturing processes, factory conditions, senior staff, office routines, design and development, training and the significance of the Works within the railway company are all covered to some extent. There are chapters on: raw materials and General Stores, the Drawing Office, steam and diesel locomotive building and overhaul, the Carriage and Wagon department and its staff, wartime conditions and war work, CME accounts, fires, accidents, housing, medical care and, as the title suggests, there is something of the home and social life of the staff as well. The end result is not complete but so long after the events, it's 'near enough' as old Swindonians would have said.

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