Devon Recipes

Devon Recipes

From Sally Lunns to Cider Sauce

Recipes and Memories of Somerset

Publication Date15th June 2011

Book FormatPaperback





In the second installment of her trilogy of books exploring the culinary heritage of the West Country, Catherine Rothwell turns her attention to Somerset - the county of Meat Fuggan and Honey Pudding.
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Thirty years ago, the Rothwell family came down to Somerset from their native Lancashire to holiday in beautiful Halsway Manor. While travelling between Stogumber, Dunster and the Quantocks, Catherine fell in love with the local cuisine, which, while recognizably English, has its own unique traits. The fully illustrated From Sally Lunns to Cider Sauce is her opportunity to record not just the recipes she began collecting three decades ago, but also dozens of vignettes and observations on the life and history of the county. There might be a lifetime's worth of eating in the book, which includes recipes for such delicacies as Somerset Oggie, Ox Cheek, and Crab Salad. Hearty main meals include Roast Gliny, Mutton Casserole, Fish Flan, and Rabbit and Onion Bake. For pudding, Somerset really comes into its own, offering Loganberry Sponge, Watchet Fig Pie, Zummerzet Fritters, Apple Charlotte and Blackberry Cobbler. And to wash it all down, you'll need to prepare a jug of Dunkery Lemonade or - why not? - Somerset Farm Cider.

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