Life and Traditions in Rural Wales

Life and Traditions in Rural Wales

Traditional Country Craftsmen

Publication Date15th July 2009

Book FormatPaperback





Traditional Country Craftsmen provides an essential insight into a wide range of country crafts and skills.
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Until recently the country craftsman was an essential member of every rural community. His livelihood was generated by carrying on traditions which started more than a thousand years ago. Traditional Country Craftsmen provides a valuable history for anyone interested in the skills and crafts of bygone years. Photographs and line drawings enhance the text, bringing many country skills and crafts to life and provide the reader with an engaging and charming history of this aspect of country life. Traditional Country Craftsmen covers everything from 'Woodland Craftsmen', 'Metal and Straw Crafts' through to 'Stone and Clay Crafts' and 'Textile Crafts' and provides the reader with a fascinating account of rural skills.

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