Quarrying in the Yorkshire Pennines

Quarrying in the Yorkshire Pennines

Quarrying in Cumbria

Quarrying in Cumbria

Lime Kilns

History and Heritage

Publication Date15th November 2018

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Explores a lavishly illustrated look at an important part of our industrial history with Lime Kilns.
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For centuries lime was an essential ingredient in many aspects of life and work - such as farming, building and manufacturing - and the kilns in which lime was produced were a familiar sight across the country, not just in areas where limestone naturally occurred. The importance given to the industry is illustrated by the number of painters, notably Turner and Girtin, who chose to paint lime kilns either as the main focus or as an incidental element, and by the number of literary figures who brought lime burning into their novels.

Lime Kilns: History and Heritage starts by discussing the uses and importance of lime, and how it has been portrayed artistically, then describes how lime kilns changed over time, from simple clamp kilns through small farmers' and estate field kilns to large commercially operated kilns. It is illustrated with contemporary and modern photographs, paintings and plans drawing on examples from across Britain.

David Johnson has published and lectured widely on lime burning and is regarded as an authority on the subject.
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