Lost Cirencester

Lost Cirencester

Cirencester in 50 Buildings

Series: In 50 Buildings

Publication Date15th January 2050

Book FormatPaperback





Explore the rich history of Cirencester in this guided tour through its most fascinating historic and modern buildings.
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Cirencester – or Corinium as it was known at the time – was one of the largest Roman settlements in Britain and the Corinium Museum holds an extensive collection of Roman artefacts. Cirencester Abbey generated great wealth in the mediaeval period and although demolished in the Dissolution the name lives on in the Abbey House flats built on the site in the 1960s. Today the chief mediaeval glory of Cirencester is the parish church of St John Baptist built on the wool trade but there are many other fascinating buildings in the town that mark the stages of its history and the changing fortunes of its inhabitants through the ages, from the Corn Hall representing the change in agricultural production in the area, the railway station and canals that connected Cirencester in the Industrial Revolution, the founding of the Royal Agricultural College, numerous non-conformist places of worship, the Salvation Army’s Temperance Hall and the Old Workhouse, to the cinemas built for 20th century entertainment and the military legacy of the town to be seen at Cecily Hill Barracks and the NAAFI. Everyday buildings such as schools, inns, hotels, libraries and hospitals also have a role to play in the town’s history.

Cirencester in 50 Buildings explores the history of this town through a selection of its most interesting buildings and structures, showing the changes that have taken place over the years. The book will appeal to all those who live in Cirencester or who have an interest in the area.

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