Reading 1800 to the Present Day

Reading 1800 to the Present Day

Leisure in Post-war Britain

Publication Date15th December 2012

Book FormatPaperback





A nostalgic look at the Brits at play from the end of the war to the present.
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A nation's choice of leisure activities can tell you much about its national character, and Britain has seen a revolution in leisure since the war. Growing affluence, increased mobility and new technology have combined to give us a host of new opportunities for enjoying ourselves - but are we? Leisure in Post-War Britain takes a wry but nostalgic look at a range of ways in which the nation has filled its leisure time since the war, from the innocence of the childhood comic, through the blood, sweat and toil of do-it-yourself to the more dangerous world of (let us call it) adult entertainment. It concludes that, as a nation, we are not very good at having fun. Whether or not you agree with this assessment, you will enjoy the journey through our recent past.

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