Going Underground: Edinburgh

Going Underground: Edinburgh

Edinburgh New Town

Edinburgh New Town

The Royal Mile

A Comprehensive Guide

Publication Date15th May 2017

Book FormatPaperback





A comprehensive illustrated guide to Edinburgh's Royal Mile.
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There are several books about the Royal Mile, so why buy this particular one? It’s simple really. It has all the information anyone could possibly want.

For a start, it’s a comprehensive illustrated guide. It starts at the Castle on top of the Mile and takes you right down to the Palace at the bottom. All you have to do is follow. On the way, it covers every wynd and close, as well as the surrounding side streets, key buildings and modern visitor attractions, including their websites. It even has the famous haunted sites, in case you decide to venture there at night.

It’s also a history book, with fascinating facts and stories about a street with an astonishingly turbulent past. And it’s written in a light hearted and fun way by an award winning author, who happens to have been a tour guide on the Mile for over 20 years. That would be me.

So… get ready to discover the sights and secrets of one of the most amazing locations in the world. You’re not likely to forget the experience.

But if you do need reminding, you’ll have the book.
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