From a Storm to a Hurricane

From a Storm to a Hurricane

Merseyside at War

Series: At War

Publication Date15th January 2015

Book FormatPaperback





This fascinating volume documents the impact of the two world wars on the people of Merseyside, using a selection of primary sources and contemporary photographs.
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As one of Britain’s largest cities, Liverpool was heavily targeted during the two world wars. Many residents of Merseyside lost their lives in the conflict, both in active combat and as a result of hardships on the Home Front. In this book, author Anthony Hogan has endeavoured to capture the trials and tribulations of the times in pictures and words, preserving the memory of many local men, women and children, as well as telling of their courage and comradeship during these most trying periods.

Throughout these pages, you will read about the emotion and tragedy that took over people’s lives during the madness of war. Often heartbreaking, sometimes humorous, these personal and individual stories offer an insight into a way of life that very few of us will ever know.

Above all, Merseyside at War pays tribute to the people of Liverpool and Merseyside who served and lived through the two world wars, their endurance, and their ability to carry on regardless of how terrible or hopeless things might have seemed.

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