Secret Abergavenny

Secret Abergavenny

Abergavenny's War

Abergavenny's War

Monmouthshire Murders & Misdemeanours

Series: Murders & Misdemeanours

Publication Date15th September 2022

Book FormatPaperback





A chilling collection of true crime stories from the eighteenth to the twentieth centuries in Monmouthshire.
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Monmouthshire may have a reputation as a quaint, idyllic, rural county but scratch the surface and you’ll find a past riddled with scandal, strife and murder most foul. In Monmouthshire Murders and Misdemeanours Tim Butters digs up and throws new light on criminal cases long since buried, but still capable of making our modern minds recoil in horror.

Among these tales of terror and woe you’ll find the wretched account of a child who callously murdered other children with the calculated ease of a born psychopath, a penniless and alcoholic prostitute butchered by the hand of a disease-riddled madman, a wandering vagabond with a penchant for opportunistic butchery, and a Spanish sailor who killed an entire family on a whim.

This hellish history also contains tragic tales from those condemned to the desolate confines of the workhouse, the delirium of the asylum, the despair of the prison cell, and the unforgiving grasp of the hangman’s noose. So step right this way for a chilling tour of Monmouthshire’s brutal and bloody past. Dare you take a walk on the dark side of this fair county?

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