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The Saint and Return of the Saint Collectibles

Publication Date15th March 2022

Book FormatPaperback





The latest Amberley collectibles book, focusing on the iconic TV show The Saint and Return of the Saint.
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The Saint is a classic that continues to be reinvented for each generation. Simon Templer is the Saint, a modern-day Robin Hood, or Raffles – a gentleman debonair charmer, not entirely honest but always morally on the side of good. Originally created in the 1920s by Leslie Charteris, for many it is Roger Moore who will always be the Saint, having been perfectly cast in the role in the 1960s ITC series. Moore brought a knowing charm to the role, a likeable rogue, unlike the aloof far more egotistical Saint of the literary incarnation. The Saint worked outside the law, often putting him at odds with local law enforcement agencies and in particular Inspector Teal of Scotland Yard. This continued when Ian Ogilvy took over the role in the seventies Return of the Saint series.

Displaying a treasure trove of superb merchandise that will make the memories come rushing back, John Buss looks at the story behind the collectibles produced in relation to this iconic figure in pop culture.

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