Cheetham Hill, Crumpsall, Blackley & Moston Through Time

Cheetham Hill, Crumpsall, Blackley & Moston Through Time

A-Z of Macclesfield

A-Z of Macclesfield

Lost Manchester

Series: Lost

Publication Date15th February 2022

Book FormatPaperback





Fully illustrated description of Manchester's well-known, and lesser-known, places that have been lost over the years.
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Like many cities in the UK, Manchester has changed dramatically over the years and continues to do so. The ‘Second City of Empire’ was a powerhouse of the Industrial Revolution, especially in textile manufacture, and for a time was the most productive centre of cotton processing in the world. The boom ended as dramatically as it had begun, with the death of the textile industry and waning of the city’s role as a major inland port, and the post-war decades were marked by industrial decline, urban decay and mass unemployment as factories and warehouses lay dormant and derelict. By the end of the twentieth century, however, Manchester’s fortunes had changed as a massive programme of inner-city regeneration saw the city successfully transform itself into a thriving post-industrial centre of arts, culture and commerce.

Lost Manchester describes this remarkable transformation in words and pictures, highlighting the many well-known buildings that are no longer part of the city’s landscape. This is a book that will appeal not only to the city’s residents but also the many visitors who come here every year to savour its delights.

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