1945 The Second World War in the Air in Photographs

1945 The Second World War in the Air in Photographs



How to Fly a Second World War Heavy Bomber

Lancaster, Halifax, Stirling

Series: How to ...

Publication Date15th July 2014

Book FormatPaperback





How do you fly a Lancaster, or a Halifax or even a Stirling? Using original Pilot's Notes, Louis Archard introduces you to the famous aircraft of the Bomber Offensive.
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Find out how a pilot was instructed in flying a four-engined heavy bomber using the original Pilot’s Notes for the Avro Lancaster, Handley Page Halifax and Short Stirling. See how they compare, view their cockpits, learn how they flew. Using manuals produced during the war, the Pilot’s Notes were aimed at the pilots who flew the aircraft on missions deep inside enemy territory. Everything was included, from bomb jettisoning to flying on two engines.

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