Austin Seven

Publication Date15th July 2023

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The story of first British car for ordinary people, told by the editor of the Pre-War Austin Seven Club magazine and supported by rare and unpublished illustrations.
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The Austin Seven was Britain’s answer to the Model T Ford and brought affordable motoring to Britain and many other countries well before the VW Beetle or the Mini. At a time between the wars when cheap motoring consisted of motorcycles and sidecars, the Austin Seven put affordable motoring firmly on four wheels.

Drawing on many years of owning and restoring Austin Sevens, Roger Bugg explains the concept of the Austin Seven as a fully equipped full-size car in miniature, as well as its ingenious adaptability, including chassis, engine and body changes. Ahead of its time, the Austin Seven’s dashboard and instruments were arranged in a similar way to a modern car and it was also equipped with a four-speed syncromesh gearbox.

Apart from its fundamental purpose as a car for the nuclear family the Austin Seven was also used for racing. The book describes the engine enhancements and body styling that contributed to its racing achievements. The book also includes practical information on finding and restoring and Austin Seven, including costs of purchase, restoration and running along with specialist suppliers of parts and Austin Seven clubs.

Placing the Austin Seven in its historical context as a car that brought motoring freedom to people who could not previously afford it, this book is also a practical guide for the Austin Seven enthusiast today.

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