Spitfire Manual 1940

Spitfire Manual 1940

Country Gardens A Colouring Book

Country Gardens A Colouring Book

Ancient Rome A Colouring Book

Series: A Colouring Book

Publication Date15th August 2016

Book FormatPaperback





Hilary and John Robert Travis present a colouring book on the theme of Ancient Rome.
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Ancient Rome captures the imagination like few other historical places or periods. Its dress, buildings, mosaics and inscriptions are instantly recognisable the world over. Romans and their way of life dominated a vast swathe of territory for around 500 years, and their influence can still be seen today, in speech, ruins of their once-great buildings, and even the ingredients we use for cooking. It has featured in many blockbuster films, as well as television programmes and books.

In this book, Hilary and John Robert Travis present a selection of historically accurate annotated outlines for creative colouring.

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