The Trench Cook Book 1917

The Trench Cook Book 1917

Great British Parks

Great British Parks

An Introduction to Open Boat Cruising

Publication Date15th May 2016

Book FormatPaperback





Ian Nicholson provides an accessible introduction to open boat cruising.
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This book will appeal to anyone who enjoys small boat cruising, or anyone considering taking up the sport. Ian Nicolson is a renowned nautical author who has always been particularly keen on open boat cruising. Here he imparts the benefits of many years spent investigating and indulging in this fun, cheap and exciting form of cruising.

He offers advice on the selection of a suitable boat (new or second-hand); what the cruising is like (i.e. low cost and high fun); helps with rigs and sails; covers trailing, launching and getting the boat ashore; evaluates cruising grounds; suggests how to plan a cruise; how to navigate; looks at tents, boat tools and emergency procedures, and much more.

Throughout, practical, clear diagrams illustrate every point and make the book one of the most comprehensive and up-to-date books on the subject.

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