Nursing Churchill

Nursing Churchill

In the Enemy's House

In the Enemy's House

After the Conquest

The Divided Realm 1066-1135

Publication Date15th June 2018

Book FormatHardback





England under the reign of King Henry I of England and Duke of Normandy. Despite two wives, a legion of mistresses, 22 illegitimate children, his only legitimate heir would die in a shipwreck thrusting England into a succession crisis and a 20 year civil war with Normandy.
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On his deathbed William the Conqueror divided his property between his three sons, Robert, William and Henry. One of them got England, one got Normandy and one £5,000 of silver. None of them was satisfied with what he received. It took much violence, treachery, sudden death and twenty years before one of them reigned supreme over all the Conqueror’s lands.

Geoffrey of Monmouth, in his ‘Prophecies of Merlin’, depicted them as two dragons and a lion with a mighty roar, but which would end up the winner, and what was the fate of the losers?

After the Conquest tells the story of the turbulent lives of the sons of the Conqueror.

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