A-Z of Frome


Series: A-Z

Publication Date15th July 2021

Book FormatPaperback





A fascinating heritage tour of the Somerset town of Frome highlighting its people, places and events across the centuries.
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People have lived in the Frome area since prehistoric times and the present town dates back as far as the Saxon era. In the early days it was famous for the quality of its cloth, but the industry and trade declined in the eighteenth century. Over the centuries it has had its fair share of rioting and crime, as well as some notable personalities and eccentrics such as Thomas Bunn, an eighteenth-century philanthropist. It was also the birthplace of Benjamin Baker, builder of the Forth Bridge, and, more recently, Jenson Button, the racing driver. Today it has over 370 listed buildings – more than any other Somerset town – fourteen pubs and two thriving bookshops, as well as an increasing creative and artistic community.

In this book, local authors Mick Davis and David Lassman take a journey through Frome to discover some significant and little-known aspects of its rich and varied past. From buildings and streets to people and events, A–Z of Frome highlights fascinating aspects of the town’s history. Here are stories of UFO sightings, a world-famous Roman coin hoard, local inns, the search for underground tunnels and much more.

Illustrated throughout, this book will appeal to local residents, visitors and anyone interested in the town’s fascinating and illustrious history.
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