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  • Agincourt - July 1415: Henry V survives the Southampton Plot by W.B Bartlett

    Henry V was now ready for war as July 1415 began. The last ditch attempts of the French to stall through more peace negotiations having failed, he moved off to Portchester on the shores of Portsmouth Harbour where his great armada was assembled. En route he spent some time at the monastic house at Titchfield where he fortified himself spiritually f ...

  • Dunkirk Little Ships by Nigel Sharp

    I was delighted to be asked by Amberley Publishing to write this book. I had already spent about three years researching and writing another book (Troubled Waters: Leisure Boating and the Second World War – also soon to be published by Amberley) and the story of the Dunkirk evacuation features, in a relatively minor way, in that. So I had met Joh ...

  • 8 Weird and Wonderful Victorian Discoveries

    It was an age of experimentation and innovation, and of great advances in the steamship, railway and the electric telegraph. But the Victorian period also saw a number of more unusual discoveries… In her new book, Great Victorian Discoveries: Astounding Revelations and Misguided Assumptions, Caroline Rochford examines some of the incredible findi ...


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View our upcoming events in July including the official launches of Helen Doe's book Fighter Pilot: The Life of Battle of Britain Ace Bob Doe and Ken Hutchinson's book Wallsend History Tour, a talk by Steve Ellwood on his new book River Tyne and Andrew Muir will be attending some of the plays at the Cambridge Shakespeare festival running from 13th July to 29th August to sign and sell his book.

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View our upcoming events in August including an English Civil War Society Re-enactment weekend with Martin Hackett.

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