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  • Stack Stevens: Cornwall's Rugby Legend by Steve Tomlin

    As the stories emerge of Britain’s medal-winning heroes and heroines returning from the Rio Olympics a common theme has been the self-sacrifice, weary of hours of travel, grinding training routines yet that they still emerged retaining an engaging joy in their chosen sport, modesty and sportsmanship. Lineout at Coventry. Alvin Williams jumps for ...

  • 50 Finds from Essex by Ben Paites

    The Portable Antiquities Scheme began in 1997 and operates across England and Wales, promoting the recording of archaeological material found by members of the public onto their free online database ( Over 30 Finds Liaison Officers (FLOs) operate across the country, ensuring each county is covered. The FLOs visit meta ...

  • Mission to China by John Holliday

    It was 8 October 1835, and the American brig Huron, under the command of Captain Thomas Winsor, edged its way between the sand banks along the Yangtze River towards Wusong, the gateway to Shanghai. Landing at Woosung, 1835. From the Evangelical Magazine and Missionary Chronicle. (Mission to China, Amberley Publishing) The gloomy weather obscured ...



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