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  • Forgotten History by Jem Duducu

    If there is an area of history I excel at it has to be “the obscure”. I can find it a little frustrating at times that the same old stories get trotted out again and again. I regularly peruse bookshops and often think, “oh great ANOTHER book on the Tudors” and that’s not the only topic that gets trotted out almost monthly. Yet there are l ...

  • Ghostbusters Collectables - 'How I got Started' by Matt MacNabb

    My first memories of Ghostbusters were that of sheer terror. I was four years old and my parents had taken us to the movie theater to see the original 1984 film. It was like nothing I'd seen before, and while most don't consider it a scary movie, I certainly did. I was stricken with fear by everything from Slimer, the green ghost, to the twin terro ...

  • The Victorian Parson by Barry Turner

    On the south side of Waterloo Bridge, not far from the National Theatre, stands the church of St. John. Built early in the reign of Queen Victoria, when this part of London was slum territory, the barn like interior was designed to accommodate up to two thousand worshippers. Though hard to imagine now, the church was often full to over flowing. Th ...


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View our upcoming events in August including Talks and book signings for The Somerset & Dorset Railway Through Time, Tracking the Hooligans, Police Dog Heroes and Birmingham's Front Line.

Paul Hurley and Len Morga

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View our upcoming events in September including a book signing for The Somerset & Dorset Railway Through Time and Frampton Remembers World War I.

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