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  • Defensive Northumberland by Colin Alexander

    A fine stretch of Hadrian's Wall looking west over Hotbank and Crag Lough. (Defensive Northumberland, Amberley Publishing) I was born in Northumberland, at the end of the Roman Wall, and grew up in a coastal village whose clifftops are crowned with evocative mediaeval ruins. Little wonder then, that I shared an interest in local history with my f ...

  • Preston in 50 buildings by Keith Johnson

    A view from the top of Preston Bus Station looking towards Avenham. (Preston in 50 buildings, Amberley Publishing) In recent times, it has been announced that three of our historical buildings are about to be renovated and transformed. The former Park Hotel overlooking Miller Park, the old General Post Office building overlooking the Market Place ...

  • The Early Railways of Leeds by Anthony Dawson

    Scale drawing of Salamanca - note the wooden silencer atop the boiler and the feed-water tank at the front end. (The Early Railways of Leeds, Amberley Publishing) The City of Leeds (and surrounding area) has a long and fascinating railway history, including the first public railway (the Lake Lock Rail Road of 1796 near Wakefield) and perhaps the e ...



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April Events

View our upcoming event in April which includes a book signings Secret Hayes, Secret Brecon, Shropshire's Military HeritageA-Z of Colwyn Bay, St Albans in 50 Buildings, Secret Yeovil and Northampton Buses.

Paul Hurley and Len Morga

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June Events

View our upcoming event in June which includes a book signings for C-130 Hercules in the RAF, Secret Guildford and Nursing Churchill.

Paul Hurley and Len Morga

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