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  • The Battle of Lewes, 14th May 1264, by Darren Baker author of With All for All: The Life of Simon de Montfort

      The Battle of Lewes 14th May marks the anniversary of one of those events which most people in England have probably never heard of and yet which has influenced how they live their lives today. On this day in 1264 an army under Simon de Montfort defeated and captured King Henry III in and around the town of Lewes, Sussex. Under the resulti ...

  • England’s Reigning Queens, by Elizabeth Norton

      Some of England’s (and later, Britain’s) most memorable monarchs have been queens. It is therefore surprising that only eight women can claim to have ruled as reigning queen in the post-Conquest period and, then, only six effectively. As our current queen approaches Queen Victoria’s record of longest reigning monarch, let’s look at s ...

  • The Lusitania: Remembering A Legend, by J. Kent Layton

      Saturday, 1 May 1915 dawned in New York City depressingly overcast, drizzly, and decidedly not like the spring weather the calendar indicated it should have been. At the Lower West Side of Manhattan's Chelsea Piers, partially obscured by yet towering over the blocks-long face of the pier buildings, stood a quartet of dark smokestacks. Locals ...



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View our upcoming events in June including talks from Rose Rouse on A London Safari: Walking Adventures in NW10 and Terry Breverton on Jasper Tudor: Dynasty Maker.

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