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  • Dolls' Houses: A History and Collector's Guide by Moi Ali

    As a kid, I longed for a dolls’ house. Growing up in a one-parent family, money was tight and my dream of owning one had to wait several decades – until my forties, to be precise. Some might find it strange to hear of an adult buying a toy, but most collectors of dolls’ houses and miniatures don’t regard dolls’ houses as playthings, but a ...

  • 25 Great Walkers' Pubs in the Yorkshire Dales by Mike Appleton

    Pint and A Walk... A long walk and the beacon of a pub goes hand in hand to many of us. Ideas are formed in Inns, conversations become firm plans and locals become friends. It’s also good to put something back into the communities we walk around. This book features pubs that cater specifically for walkers and have historical and cultural importan ...

  • Automating the Northern Line by Owen Smithers

    This book begins with a potted history of the construction of the Northern Line and its various stages of expansion I hope you will find as absorbing as I did. The book features thirty-two years of signalling experience from boy to man, experiences like so many others who I was later to befriend, and eventually worked with so many in the last twent ...


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View our upcoming events in October including book signings and talks for A-Z of Bury St Edmunds, Mission to China, The Georgian Kitchen, The Somerset & Dorset Railway Through TimeReading in 50 Buildings and the The Richard III Foundation, Inc. - 2016 Annual Symposium.

Paul Hurley and Len Morga

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View our upcoming events in November including book signings and talks for The Princess's Garden, River Frome From Source to Sea and Harpenden The Postcard Collection.

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