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  • Secret Newcastle by Ken Hutchinson

    I was asked to write this book by Amberley Publishing following on from my book on Lost Newcastle published in 2014. Lost Newcastle as its title suggests features buildings and structures that have disappeared from the streets of Newcastle over the years. As a direct contrast this book concentrates on features of Newcastle past and present that are ...

  • The story of Worton Hall Film Studios, Isleworth by Ed Harris

    Worton Hall c.1914 (Samuelson Archive) The story of Worton Hall Film Studios, Isleworth, is one of the British film industry from 1914 to 1952. It began with G B Samuelson, one of the most forward thinking cinematographic entrepreneurs of his day whose prime motivators and investments in the finest cast and crew realised A Study in Scarlet, Britai ...

  • The Origins of Sheffield Wednesday by Jason Dickinson

    It may seem strange to modern day followers of the ‘beautiful game’ that as relatively recently as the mid-19th Century the game of Association Football was still a pastime only practised in a handful of public schools and universities in England. In fact that early form of the sport was more akin to rugby than it was football with handling, ch ...


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August Events

View our upcoming events in August including Book Launches for Forever Forest by Don Wright, Richmond Unchained by Luke G. Williams, 50 Gems of the Cotswolds by David Elder, Edinburgh New Town by Michael Carley, Robert Dalziel, Pat Dargan and Simon Laird and an English Civil War Society Re-enactment weekend with Martin Hackett.

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September Events

View our upcoming events in September including signings for Spalding and Around Through Time Keith Seaton and Forever Forest by Don Wright and Book Launches for Don Kenyon by Tim Jones and The Princess's Garden by Vanessa Berridge.

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October Events

View our upcoming events in October including a Book Launch for Little Germany: A History of Bradford's Germans by Susan Duxbury and Book signing and talk for Forever Forest by Don Wright.

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November Events

View our upcoming event in November including a signing for Castles of the Marches by John Kinross.

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