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  • Looking at the Women of Ancient Roman by Iain Ferris

    Lifesize bronze statue of Victory from the Capitolium, Brescia, Northern Italy Today's visitors to the archaeological museums of Rome will see many statues of the imperial and elite women of ancient Rome and of Roman goddesses on display and numerous other kinds of Roman objects such as reliefs, tombstones, coins, and mosaics adorned with images o ...

  • Oxford Pubs by Dave Richardson

    I have written books before but unlike some of the authors in Amberley’s Pubs series, I’m not a local historian. But it really was a no-brainer when Amberley approached me to write the volume about Oxford, as I knew most of the pubs already and the history of some is well documented. Angel & Greyhound Pub I decided from the outset that I w ...

  • An essential guide to faking it in WW2 Britain by Megan Westley

    It’s generally accepted that life in wartime Britain was tough. Civilians on the ‘Home Front’ were faced with a multitude of regulations and restrictions to follow, governing their diets, wardrobes and workplaces. But beyond these well-known rules were many others that came into force only between 1939 and 1945. Some were social, and could in ...


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View our upcoming events in October including a Book Launch for Little Germany: A History of Bradford's Germans by Susan Duxbury and Book signing and talk for Forever Forest by Don Wright.

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View our upcoming event in November including a signing for Castles of the Marches by John Kinross.

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