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  • Kilmarnock The Postcard Collection by Frank Beattie

    A fine example of a postcard just before the introduction of the divided back. The producer wanted to maximise the impact of the picture, leaving little space for a message. (Author's collection) The influence of postcards on our culture should not be underestimated. They are part of our social history. The phrase ‘wish you were here’ is a com ...

  • A Passion for Public Parks – Why Parks Matter by Paul Rabbitts

    The grand entrance to Birkenhead Park – a fitting monument to the legacy of our great British parks. (Great British Parks, Amberley Publishing) I recently published (2016) ‘Great British Parks: A Celebration’ which very much started out as a straightforward celebration of Great British Parks and followed by in 2017 ‘Parkitecture – Buildi ...

  • Death Diary - A Year of London Murder, Execution, Terrorism and Treason by Gary Powell

    Witnesses give evidence at the coroner's inquest into the death of William Terriss. (Lloyds Weekly Newspaper, 26 Dec 1897, Death Diary, Amberley Publishing) Murder is a fascinating subject; one only has to look at the popularity of the crime genre in both literature and television. All elements of the crime, be it human or scientific, are placed u ...



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